Pavers & Installations

Bastos Pavers of Fort Myers can handle all types of paver installation for your home or business. Our team of experts will complete projects from the ground up with plannin, layout and secure installation.

Understanding the process of pavers installation will help to reinforce the need for a professional in order to achieve the desired result in your paving project.

The Installation Process

Start with a good level Measure and draw a diagram of the area to pave, noting any existing structures such as buildings, fences and other paved areas. Bastos Pavers will help you determine the best stones and the proper amount of supplies you need.

Bastos will contact your local utility companies before beginning excavation. We will Stake out the area to be paved. Plan includes to slope the paving away from the buildings in the direction of normal drainage.

Our installers have the experience to remove only what needs to be removed in order to have perfect installation of the pavers.

Installing the Base
Compact the surface of the excavated soil with a plate compactor. In small areas a hand tamper may be sufficient.

Installing the Restraints
Edge restraints should always be used to prevent the pavers from rolling or spreading.