Repair Fort Myers

Fort Myers Area Paver Repairs

Pavers can make a home or an establishment classic and classy. They can last for years but time and weather make pavers peel or flake. Eventually, pavers shift bulge, position, or crack. By that time, you need paver repairs and you might need help from a reputable or excellent paver repair company. If you can’t do it right, you can do paver repairs yourself but it can cost you time and money.

Bastos Pavers is a company that will not just clean, seal, and repair pavers, we will also make them look great. Our methods are if paver matches are feasible, and we will give practical and aesthetical solutions to give them affordable, durable, and beautiful pavers.

How Is the Paver Repair Done?

In doing the paver repair, it is significant to compact again the base material and reset the paving stones on strong firm subsoil. Since, overtime landscape surface become unstable which usually result to paver problems. The job could include a need for lifting settled areas and replacement of the broken pavers.

What are the processes for the paver repair? Is ensuring the correct measurement of the affected area before any paver is removed. Clear the affected areas by removing damaged pavers including sand and base. With compact base, put just enough sand bedding and place the new paver piece. Sand set installation is more economical that allows for easy repair, replacement and adjustment of paver. Lastly, grout with joint sand properly because this is the most critical part. These tasks seemed to be simple but Clean Your Pavers will do it carefully to ensure quality repair of your pavers.

Repair and Reinstalling Pavers

Clean Your Pavers can look for the best match for the currently installed paver if there is a need to replace some of the installed pavers. We also have wide networks in paving and stone industry so we can source out special natural stone pavers that are created from genuine stones like marble, granite, limestone, and travertine. Their colors are splendid and they have gauged thickness so they are perfect for all paving spots. Through Clean Your Pavers, you can get genuine stone pavers and other paver materials inexpensively.

Will the Solution Stand for Years?

Bastos Pavers can guarantee that every concrete paver repair we do will last for years? Restoration or renovation is not a simple task without professional experience. It is our pride to have experts on this industry. The right strategy and experience identifies the quality of the job on how long the pavers will stay put.

Knowing the in and out of paver repairs, we are the choice of many homeowners in Southwest Florida and Fort Myers area to do this task. More so, we have the drive to meet the high standard quality service to each clientele. Call today and we will take charge of the paver repairs in your home.